Empowering Productions,
Ensuring Safety.

Industry Leaders in Safety Services

Your trusted partner for safety and security on film and TV sets across Wales and the South West.

Our diverse team of seasoned professionals guarantees unmatched expertise and dedication.

Experienced Emergency Response Team

We supply a professional emergency response that is there to react the moment anything happens. The same expert service you would expect if you called 999, both in front and behind the camera.

SFX, Accuracy Consultation and Production Support

Industry leaders supporting SFX teams with rain, storms and wet downs utilising an advanced water heating system. Excellent stunt safety for all scenarios from crashes to full body burns.

Safety Compliance Solutions and Risk Assessment

We offer essential tools and expertise to ensure a secure production environment. Our expert advisors will make sure that you, your crew and your set are all working in as safe an environment as possible.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive safety solutions tailored to your production needs. Our services include SFX support for rain and water effects, stunt safety, in-vision firefighting, risk assessments, training, health and safety advice, medical cover, rescue operations, and more…


About Dragon Fire and Water

Cofounded by Ryan & Andrew, with 30+ years in fire service and armed forces, our mission is to revolutionise production services for SFX needs like rain, fire cover, and safety.

Leveraging deep expertise in firefighting and emergency response, we aim to transform industry standards.

The best tools for your water SFX

Efficient SFX Support for rain effects and wet downs, utilising water bowsers and pumps for silent rain. We offer temperature-controlled rain with heated water options. 

With dozens of water storage dams available to hire we can manage jobs in excess of a hundred thousand litres with just one bowser.

Ready for any project

Our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment stores mean that we’re primed for any size project at any time. Get in contact to make sure your production is as safe as it can be.  

Modern, accurate in-vision costuming

We have a large stock of modern firefighting gear for any scenes that require emergency service providers to look the part.

With our help, we can make sure your shots are as true-to-life as possible with your dramatic scenes staying real. 

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What we can provide for your production


Fire Cover

From 4×4 vehicles to fully equipped Fire Engines, we’re prepared for any risk level. Our skilled fire crews are equipped with the latest RTC and Fire Fighting gear to handle any situation. Additionally, we offer realistic in-shot rescues, guided by a dedicated Fire and Rescue advisor to ensure your desired shot is achieved seamlessly.

We are there to support your production, get the details just right and always be on hand in case of an emergency. 


Water SFX

Our state-of-the-art equipment gives you access to industry leading water based SFX so that you can just focus on getting the shot. Our rain effects and wet down solutions mean that you, your cast and crew can keep their focus on the job at hand. With heated and silent rain available we have a solution for every moment you need water SFX in a shot, no matter how big or small. 


For those times you need something big and dramatic, our water storage dams mean we can handle scenes that require thousands of litres of water. So, no lengthy reset times, just effective solutions that mean you can keep rolling.


Safety Services

The less glamorous but the all-important part. Keeping your whole set as safe as it can be and ticking all those important boxes. Our expert health and safety advisors can make sure you’re working to the proper standards with location and studio risk assessments and training where required.

We handle every detail of your health and safety requirements, from large scale and complex special effects.

We help every step of the way ensuring safety and compliance.